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Trail Blazers Sign Nba First Korean Center

Ha, the first Korean player in the NBA, was signed by the Portland Trail Blazers on December 26, 2004. [Reuters] The 7-foot-3, 305-pound rookie, who was selected by the Trail Blazers in the second round 46th pick overall of the 2004 NBA Draft, had been playing with the Portland Reign of the American Basketball Association, said the Trail Blazers in the statement. "We are pleased that Seung-Jin has played effectively in the ABA," Trail Blazers General Manager John Nash was quoted as saying. "And we feel that he would benefit from working with our coaches on a daily basis." An early entry candidate for the toko jaket jepang online keren 2004 NBA Draft, Ha Seimg-Jin is the first Korean to play in the NBA. He did not play competitive basketball during the 2003-04 season as he moved to Los Angeles to work out in preparation for the draft.

Evolution of Korean uniform for Summer Games

"From 1957 to this day North Korea has been sending us money every year - hundreds of millions of yen in all," says the deputy headmaster, Yun Te Gil. "North Korea really helped us out during the very difficult times that we had. The students all go to North Korea on a school trip in their final year.

Dennis Rodman picks ex-Blazers Cliff Robinson, Kenny Anderson for North Korea game

Even those kits worn in as recently as the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2004 Athens Games clearly lacked sophistication. The past two uniforms were by Korean sportswear brand Feurza, which was an official sponsor of the Korean Olympic Committee. Established in 1991, the brand has supported various sporting committees over the past 15 years including the Korea Gymnastic Association and the Korea Joku Association.

North Koreans in Japan remain loyal to Pyongyang

"I'm not a president, I'm not a politician, I'm not an ambassador," he said before arriving. "I'm just an athlete and the reason for me to go is to bring peace to the world, that's it. That's all I want, no money. I want no money, no money." Former Knicks player Smith said he hopes the game will lead to better relations between the two countries. "It's new being here, but overall the concept is not new," he said.

Dennis Rodman, 2 ex-Blazers arrive in N. Korea

Smith are on the team, as well. They will play against a top North Korean Senior National team on Jan. 8, marking Kim Jong Un's birthday. Rodman is the highest profile American to meet Kim since the leader inherited power from his father in late 2011. Rodman calls the game his version of "basketball diplomacy." "My previous travels have allowed me to feel the enthusiasm and warmth of fans," Rodman said.

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