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Blazer's Edge Videocast: Portland's Road Record, The Oakland Connection And Batum An All-star?

Hello, Blazer's Edge readers, and welcome to another edition of the Blazer's Edge Videocast! With the Blazers now past the halfway mark of the regular season, Dave and Sam cover the usual topics, including whether Nicolas Batum has an All-Star argument and the continued LaMarcus Aldridge MVP conversation. However, we were also able to get to a couple other questions on topics not normally covered on the site, including Damian Lillard's relationship with Gary Payton and the possibility of a transition into Europe by the NBA.

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Gameday Thread: Timberwolves vs. Blazers

Expect some disagreements, and a fair amount of changing emotions. But we'll get through it together. Game Time: 7:00 pm Injury Updates: None yet, check here for further updates. ----------------- The usual Gameday Thread rules apply: 1. No swearing 3. No discussion of unlicensed Internet streaming 4.

Former Blazer 'Uncle Cliffy' to appear on Survivor

Let's take a look at the other one: Nintendo TX: Fig.2: Look's like Ipad to you,right?? A pad like the one up there was announced in Japan,which was made by 2 sisters. I really would love a Nintendo Tab like this ,on which you can do Office work with stylus and Touch keyboard. INCLUDING Games!!!

Blazer's Most Anticipated Nintendo's Next Gen Consoles Pt.2

However, they withheld further information, like exactly how many credit and debit cards were affect. According to Womens Wear Daily, the Dallas-based retailer recently confirmed that the information from 1.1 million cards were stolen during the breach a staggering number, but still less than that of Target . According to the New York Times, a malware was installed on terminals in Neiman Marcus stores, which gathered customer information over several month. Neimans president and chief executive officer, Karen Katz, addressed an open letter to the stores costumers informing them that an ongoing forensic and criminal investigations have determined that malware was installed on the retailers system between July 16 and Oct. 20, reports WWD. Although Neiman Marcus reported that its store card as well as that of Bergdorf Goodman have not seen any fraudulent activities, Visa, MasterCard and Discover have reported to Neimans that approximately 2,400 unique customer payment cards used at Neiman Marcus and Last Call stores were used fraudulently. To put customers at ease, the company is said to be taking step to contain the situation, which includes reviewing its intrusion detection systems and firewalls, reinforcing security tools, reviewing and hardening systems, modifying software and security credentials and searching for and disabling all malware discovered in the course of the investigation. They are also offering credit monitoring and identity-theft protection free of charge for one full year.

Neiman Marcus Lost 1.1 Million Credit And Debit Cards In Security Breach

So how did he end up on Survivor? Hes a fan of the show, says host Jeff Probst, who in the past has also welcomed other professional athletes or coaches like Gary Hogeboom, Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Kent to compete on the reality hit. Theres a common thread through all the former athletes and people that have been involved in sports like Jimmy Johnson, and its the competition. Robinson, nicknamed Uncle Cliffy during his time with the Blazers was named 6th Man of the Year during the 1992-1993 season. Robinson was an integral part of the team during the legendary early-90s playoff runs, including the 1992 loss in the NBA finals to the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls.

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